Behind every life-changing message is a great story. That’s where we shine.  Our team is dedicated to making a difference - and we know that by touching people’s hearts, we can open their minds.

From addiction to trans rights to the struggling American family to the state of racism today...we highlight urgent issues by pinpointing their intersections with the lives of our subjects.  Here are some of our projects.

The Comedown.png

The Comedown: Feature Documentary

After losing her brother to overdose, a mother of four uncovers decades of research negating everything she’d been told about addiction. As she descends into a rabbit hole of revolutionary science, she gets an unexpected chance to test it. View Site >>

Happy Trails.jpg

Happy Trails: Feature Documentary 

The Riders in the Sky are an entertainment legend, and the last of their kind. A retrospective of 30 years of playing and revitalizing the Roots music scene, along with the hardship and arguments that almost cost the Riders in the Sky their band....and American Roots music its last big names.


Allies Go To War: Documentary Short

In a time where many claim to be allies, but do nothing, a group of black women remind us what that word traditionally signified.

Tenure Tricked 2.jpeg

Tenure Tricked: Narrative Feature 

An upward-trending, Asian-American, avant-garde poet navigates the treacherous and often hilarious waters of white Ivy League academia. Co-written with MG Roberts and Bhanu Kapil.


Coffees for Cuties:
Documentary Short

The owners of Los Angeles’ first queer-owned coffee shop get real about the challenges that still face the LBGTQ+ community today, even in one of the most liberal cities in the US.

Jackie Jack 2.jpg

Documentary Short

Jack(ie) Strano is a CFO, a proud parent, and a kind partner...and every time they leave the house, they have to worry about the dangers and stresses of existing as a trans/genderqueer person in America.

The Haves.jpg

The Haves:
Documentary Feature

The chasm between "the haves" and the "have nots" grows larger and more divisive everyday. There is a critical need to correct the stereotypes that fuel misunderstanding and conflict. The Haves seeks to expose the often overlooked humanity of the 1% - a population that does a lot of good, experiences the same heartbreaks as the other 99%, and rarely gets an even handed expose.

The Great Suffering.jpg

The Great Suffering:
Documentary Film

A hard to swallow, but profoundly important look at the causes and effects of breakdown of the traditional family. Through the lens of science and dynamic personal narratives, we conduct an international survey of the correlation between long term romantic partnerships, physical and mental wellness, longevity, and happiness.


The List:
Narrative Feature

At the dinner where a picture-perfect tech exec is expecting a proposal... she gets dumped. In the wake of this she develops "The List" of things women must do to steal and keep men’s hearts. It works, but there are unexpected and serious consequences.


Music Video

A slow motion, underwater, portrait of the full spectrum of feminine beauty. Women of all shapes sizes and colors move weightlessly amongst rays of light and bubbles and watery smiles... boldly contradicting all the ideas we have about what is beautiful.

The Sound.jpg

The Sound:
Music Video

A visual representation of the sound of an oppressive culture. Low-fi, gritty, raw, authentic. Visuals of the streets, the bullies, and the reign of fear in collective society.